Steve (vampfanman) wrote in the_nwo,

The nWo backstage assault - 29th July 1996

It was Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage battled Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, and Steve McMichael going on in the ring and Jimmy Hart came out and started screaming about an attack in the back and that everyone should go and see. The faces were rightfully suspicious and the heels looked equally perplexed. Eventually they went to the back to see the results of the nWo backstage assault - Anderson down, Riggs down, Bagwell down and Mysterio down after being thrown into a trailer by Nash. Savage jumps on the roof of the escaping limo until he gets thrown off while people around ask what happened and how many there were. My favourite Nitro ever and just a surreal sports entertainment moment - the bit with Jimmy Hart trying to get the heels and faces to go to the back felt so real and you could see the desperation and panic in his face. Amazingly well done.
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Awesome angle, I remember staying at my Mothers for the weekend when this was on, back in the days of RAW being on 5pm and Nitro @ 7pm! Jimmy was great in this and the Mysterio dart moment, is easily the highlight of his career.

They need a nWo DVD 3-disc set, with truck-loads of extra's and everything, nWo will never be remembered for classic matches but for the amazing television they produced, the likes of which hasn't been seen since.

I mean, people say how great the WWF in 97 was, and yes the Hart Foundation were great, but pretty much everything else was awful you had the DOA-Los Boricuas-Nation feud, which is still going on today I believe and don't get me started on the 'Attitude' Russo era, it was crap! Austin-McMahon saved it, the rest of the show was worse than in '97.

Still, I remember fondly 91/92 with Repo Man and Kamala, so I guess if you were brought up in the era of 98-99 you'd love it to.

What the hell am I talking about!